What Men Do is a Movement encouraging guys not to lose faith, especially in themselves.

What Men Do is a Guide – just a guide – for guys going through their most turbulent years on the way to Manhood.

These years can be especially tough. A guy’s outer shell may look fine to any interested observer, but it’s only an Appearance. The creature inside this crusty exterior is suddenly Aware that his Life has changed.

Who does he feel comfortable with who might understand his growing list of doubts? He’s stopped feeling close to his mum since his hairy bits sprouted, and if his dad’s around, recent communication has often turned into a game of ‘Mine is Bigger than Yours’. As for his Friends, sometimes, especially when Fear has his nuts in its sinister talons, he doubts if he has any – any that he can Trust enough.

You’ll find the essence of What Men Do distilled in the Code.

The blog is our acceptance that What Men Do cannot be tamed to stay within the confines of the set number of pages in our published Guide. It’s ever evolving and growing.

Our Glossary is self-explanatory.

As to the Guide, it comprises a series of essays covering those issues that a young guy discovers have suddenly sneaked into his life. For example, perhaps he’s beginning to wonder if all the worldy hassle with which he seems to be surrounded has any Purpose. Is Life a pointless merry-go-round? If so, why would anyone bother to stay onboard?

What Men Do is a Guide, not a How-to book. It elaborates new areas of Awareness that guys stumble upon. It’s written for those with the curiosity and Balls to explore them.

If the blog leaves you wanting more, but you can’t stretch to buying the Guide, send us your details (via the Contact page) and we’ll send you a few essays, free.

What Men Do is currently compiled by three guys from Yorkshire, who are expecting Afghan, African, American and any other ‘an’ to contribute as the Movement spreads.

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  1. I know this project has been a long time coming. (I was amazed to hear that it was still very much alive the last time I saw Dobbie). I look forward to reading it and expect that given the sheer ‘man power’ gone into this epic project that it will entertain, educate and inspire.

    But would I give it my boy to read?

    Better read it myself first, just to check…

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