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You can now get your hands on the Guide. The first option below is for sales within the UK. For the rest of the world, see further down the page.


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6 thoughts on “Buy The Guide

  1. Good work fellas, this is a lovely safe place where we can all escape to and feel good about ourselves again. I cried a little bit today because I had liquid nitrogen injected into a three week old, infected sea urchin foot wound. I lost a bit of pride on that hospital bed, but you guys have helped to restore the caged beast within me. I’m not a little girl after all, I’m a big, strong man with hairy nipples and the odd grey pube. All the best lads, keep it up. For Mankind’s sake.

  2. I LOVE this! ‘Dobbie, Kemp, Ward.’ So cool you dont even need first names. Cant wait to get my very own copy, any chance of a signed one? 😉 xxx

  3. DKW,
    I think we all need a WMD app. Need you with me all the time.
    Each blog is brilliant and the book gives me guts. Congratulations and can’t wait until next Tuesdays blog, although I’m not wishing time away….that’s not WMD.

  4. Just bought this for my 16 year old son, it came highly recommended. I hope he enjoys his journey to becoming a hero. I’m still on mine! Could you tell me whether I’ll ever get there?

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