ADULT:   A mature human being.

ALONENESS:   The psychological condition in which all human males exist.

AWARENESS:   An intuitive understanding of the motivation behind Action, and its possible implications.

BALLS:   The psychological essence of Manliness of which the main elements are Courage, Action, Risk and Determination.

BENEFITS:   Money provided by taxpayers to be used by the Government to help those who deserve it, and shiftless wankers who don’t.

BROTHERHOOD:   A closed group of Men.

BUSY-BUSY: Wilful activity generated to impress others.

COMMITMENT:   A promise demanding loyalty, responsibility and a willingness to share the struggle.

CONFIDENCE:   The necessary basis of Manliness.

COOL:   Defiant behaviour by an individual who refuses to be other than how he believes himself to be.

FLAKE:   A male whose testicles are largely decorative.

GANG:   A closed grouping of children or grown-ups.

GOOD INTENTIONS: Resolutions which, lacking Action, become the foundations of regret.

GROWN-UP:   Originally a would-be Adult who gave up the challenge.

HAPPINESS:   A glow of the heart providing reassurance that Life is worth the suffering.

HONOUR:   The motivation which reveals the depth of your integrity, makes your parents proud that you are their son, and your children proud that you are their father.

HUMILITY: The recognition that as homo sapiens we are only a stage in a process.

JOE AVERAGE:   A male grown-up whose dress, behaviour and observations reek of conformity. (See below ‘REGULAR GUY’)

LOOK AT ME!:   What most people are thinking most of the time.

LOSER:   A grown-up who takes no action to gain Self Respect.

MEN:   Mature Adult human males.

OAK: An acorn with Balls.

OBLIGATION:   A psychological Awareness of debt – a fundamental component of Friendship without which the relationship is only that of an acquaintance.

PEAK: A point from which everything is downward.

PURPOSE: The difference between a Life and an existence.

REASSURANCE: The confidence-building growth through which a father (figure)   guides his sons to Truth and Dignity.

REGULAR GUY:   An American term used to describe a male of indeterminate years who has yet to display any significant traits of individuality. (See above ‘JOE AVERAGE’.)

STEEL BALLS:   Determination which is nigh on inhuman.

STRESS: A serious condition of mental disorientation used as an excuse by flakes when they’ve bitten off more than they can chew (or as defined by WWII veterans as ‘having a Messerschmitt up your arse’.)

STRUGGLE:  The relentless challenge whereby an Adult remains mentally and emotionally alive.

TEAM: A group with a Purpose.

TELEMACHUS:   A prince of Ithaca, son of Odysseus and Penelope. The inspiration for What Men Do

TOUGHNESS: A rare mixture of Strength, Subtlety, Resistance and Reliance; often confused with insensitivity.

TRUST:  An irrational confidence which begins and ends with Self Belief.

UNDERSTANDING: An intense form of communication which uses an unspoken language.

WANKER:   A male who exists at the expense of others.

WIMP: A male who still needs to grow a pair.