Just Do It

Where would you put yourself on the scale of spontaneity? Are you a ‘drop everything right now and see where the night takes you’ kind of guy, or more a ‘that sounds nice, how about next Wednesday’, bloke?

I’d say I flit between the two but would plant myself in the later more often than not. It has it’s benefits, like not flaking out and missing arrangements but from this side of the divide, it looks more fun over there.

As a very analytical person, spontaneity doesn’t really fit. When the opportunity to drop everything and dash to

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the beach presents itself, you can’t then consider all the possible implications, whether or not you’re a “beachy” person and just how unfashionable your trunks are. By the time you reach the conclusion, the sun will have long set.

And there’s the rub. Being a thinker doesn’t mean you get to the right answer. Sometimes you just need to go with the gut. At What Men Do, we’re little on Descartes ‘thinking man’ and big on our hunter Gathering sensing fellas.

As you get older, I have a suspicion that thinking man is actually a Fear coping mechanism. He’s the one who will pounce on an instinct, say to learn to surf, and play it around in his head. He’ll look at it financially, from a safety angle and take into considerations what other people would think of a bloated 30 year old mincing in a wet suit.

The Gutteral

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beast within would reach for the nearest board and pound into the surf. Sure, he might drown trying, but as I just heard Jim Carey say in a wonderful speech to graduates, “You can fail at things things you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.”

He used his father as an example to the student, just about to leave school and enter the big, bad world. His dad didn’t think he had what it took to be a professional comedian. So he made the conservative, rational choice to become an accountant. Then, with a family to support, he was fired.

He lost a job he didn’t want in the first place, and ended up exactly where he worried “failing” in show business would land him.

It’s a great lesson to share, it certainly resonated with me, a guy who thinks deeply about most things. So the challenge is to recognize those pangs in the gut and then go after them before that thinking idiot lets the Feeling fade.


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